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Tuntufye FM Radio is a value based non-profit making radio station. The mission of Tuntufye FM Radio is to Provide Holistic Evangelization through Teaching the Word of God and Facilitating Socio-economic Development. The radio serves as a tool for evangelisation, reaching out to many with Good news. By virtue of Baptism, every Christian is called to missionary work, that is, assisting spreading the Gospel to the ends of the World.

While not all of us are engaged in direct evangelisation and assume roles of priests, preachers, pastors and priests we also participate in the evangelisation mission by supporting tools of evangelization. One such tool is Tuntufye FM Radio Station. Through your support, the radio will continue to set aside 60% of broadcasting time to evangelisation and not commercial content.

You can support Tuntufye FM Radio by setting aside your time to volunteer with us. You can also support by assisting in raising funds for the running of the radio. You can also directly support the radio by sponsoring a programme of your choice; buying airtime of internet bundle for live streaming; buying electricity units; sponsoring a staff member or volunteer; and direct cash injection which can be once off or continuous.

To broadcast religious/ pastoral programmes, the radio requires an average of K3.587,894.87 per month; which translates to an average daily cost of K114,357.21; and K7,037.37 per hour which is equal to K117.29 per minute and K2.00 per second. This means that any amount that you can decide to support the radio with, will go a long way in supporting the evangelisation mission of the Church. With as low as K2, you can assist in saving souls and winning them for Christ.

To support the radio, you can use the following account:

Diocese of Karonga Tuntufye Radio, National Bank of Malawi, Karonga Service Centre, Current Account Number: 1005014286.  

Tuntufye Fm Radio

Tuntufye Fm Radio

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