The mission of Tuntufye FM Radio is to Provide Holistic Evangelization through Teaching the Word of God and Facilitating Socio-economic Development.


C1       The name of the Radio Station shall be Tuntufye FM Radio of the Diocese of Karonga hereafter referred to as the Tuntufye Radio, whose Postal Box is 140, Karonga, Malawi.       


C2.      As the radio station of the Diocese of Karonga, Tuntufye Radio, accepts the authority and guidance of the Bishop of the Diocese of Karonga who is Founder and Patron. 

C3.      Tuntufye Radio shall undertake its mission in accordance with its written Constitution, Aims,

Objectives and Policy.

C4.      Tuntufye Radio shall be a Community radio under the patronage of the Diocese of Karonga.  It will not, however, be sectarian.  All transmissions shall be directed towards all people, regardless of race, nationality, creed, gender or political persuasion.

C5.      Tuntufye Radio shall have no affiliation whatsoever with any political party.  It will not  take part in Party Politics.  The transmissions of the radio station shall not persuade any member of its audience towards or away from any given political party.

C6.      As a Christian radio station, Tuntufye Radio shall recognise and willingly accept its responsibility to promote harmony, justice and peace in its day-to-day broadcasting practice.


C7.      Tuntufye Radio shall be owned by the Diocese of Karonga and the Bishop of the Diocese of Karonga will be the main Patron of the station.

C8.      The Management of the radio station shall be through the Director, appointed by the

Bishop of the Diocese of Karonga.

C9.      The Bishop of the Diocese of Karonga shall also appoint a Board to guide the management on issues of finances, employment of senior officers and policy.

C10.    The Board shall meet at least twice a year and at any other time when required.


C11     To supervise implementation of the decisions taken at each Board meeting.

C12     To carry out and determine any other function which the Board deems necessary for the benefit of Tuntufye Radio and the listeners.

C13     To formulate and review policies of Tuntufye Radio.

C14     To make and terminate appointments of members of Senior management e.g., Programs Manager, Financial Officer, Program Producers and Senior Presenters.

C15     To recommend projects and programs to be implemented by Tuntufye Radio

C16     To initiate and coordinate fundraising activities.


C17.    Tuntufye Radio aims to encourage the moral and religious growth of the audience it serves.

It shall do this by utilising the talents and skills of people who are trying to live moral, faith-filled lives.  In addition, the programmes to be broadcasted by the station shall promote human wholeness and integrity by their harmony with Gospel principles.

C18.    Human beings live in society and expect to enjoy certain rights and privileges. 

It is a long-established Christian principle that for true freedom to exist, rights are accompanied by responsibilities towards others.  Tuntufye Radio therefore aims to educate its audience in civic responsibilities.  It will thereby promote the establishment of a unified and peaceful community.

C19.    As a Catholic radio station, Tuntufye Radio shall be concerned with the well-being of the whole

person, body and soul.

This shall be reflected in its programming.  The promotion of good physical health and the discussion of major life issues will be part and parcel of the radio’s activities.

C20.    Concern for the disadvantaged and marginalized in society is a principle that was established by Jesus.  He said, “As long as you did this to the least of my brothers and sisters, you did it to me.” Hence Tuntufye Radio shall promote the concerns of all people, regardless of their social status.  In a special way it will try to give a voice to the less-privileged members of society.

C21.    Traditionally, the elderly have had an honoured place in society.  Their accumulated store of wisdom has been a source of guidance for those who are younger.  In previous generations the extended family has been able to support and care for the aged in their declining years.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic has left many orphans in the care of their grandparents.  Hence the elderly are finding themselves under great, and sometimes intolerable, pressures.

Tuntufye Radio will work to support the elderly and to alleviate their burdens by voicing their concerns.

C22.    Every nation has a right to appreciate and enjoy its own cultural heritage.  Tuntufye Radio shall encourage local cultural and musical expression in its broadcasting.

C23.    As a Community Radio of religious nature,  Tuntufye Radio cannot function effectively without prayer.  It can only fulfil its mission by promoting prayerfulness in its workers and its audience.  In this way, it also strives for peace.


C24.    Charity and moderation shall be the hallmarks of the activities associated with Tuntufye Radio. “Where there is love, there is God.”

C25.    All humanity has a common fatherhood in God.  Tuntufye Radio recognises that God does not speak in the same way to all people.  It rejoices in this God-given diversity.  The radio shall treat with respect those beliefs and philosophies which are not the same as its own Catholic ethos.

C26.    God gave to humanity the exercise of free will.  Therefore Tuntufye Radio shall not attempt to coerce anybody to its own way of thinking.  In all issues where Catholic teaching is not compromised, the radio station shall strive to present a position without taking sides.

C27.    God made all people equal in dignity.  Tuntufye Radio recognises that every language and ethnic group has equal and intrinsic value in the sight of God.  Therefore, Tuntufye Radio shall not discriminate on the basis of colour, race, nationality, creed or gender.

C28.    Tuntufye Radio will exist in order to share its faith and hope in the love of God.  Through its broadcasts, it will strive to animate and advocate for human promotion.

C39.    As a Catholic radio station, Tuntufye Radio will try to create a Catholic ethos within its own organisation.  It shall do so by utilising the talents and skills primarily of Catholics.  This is not to deny the existence of similar levels of training expertise in non-Catholics.  It is, however, a conscious effort to ensure a harmonious, common religious understanding within the working of the radio station.

C30.    As a community radio station, Tuntufye Radio shall largely be dependent on voluntary help for its operation and survival.  It will, however, employ sufficient full-time personnel to ensure the continuity, coordination and appropriate planning of its activities.

C31.    Tuntufye Radio shall not be concerned with profit-making. However, it will seek only to make enough profit to ensure its own viability as a Catholic, community, radio station.

C32.    Tuntufye Radio shall utilise an appropriate level of suitable advertising in order to achieve and sustain its economic viability.  It shall not be led by its advertisers.  Tuntufye Radio  shall, at all times, be a Catholic radio station.  All advertising, therefore, shall fall within clear and recognisable standards which will enable Tuntufye Radio to maintain its Catholic ethos.

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