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Tuntufye FM Radio is a community of interest radio, owned by the Catholic Diocese of Karonga, reaching the whole Northern Region of Malawi. It first went on air on 21st December, 2014 and commissioned on 4th July, 2015. The Mission of the radio is to provide holistic evangelization through spreading Good News and facilitating socio-economic development. This is why the radio station broadcasts under the banner, “Your Good News and Development Radio Station.” This is one of the fastest growing radios in Malawi in terms of programming, audience and coverage. The radio has gained trust among the people in the Northern Region and is widely followed by a majority of people in the region. 

This is why in the recent survey conducted by MACRA in conjunction with National Statistics Office, Tuntufye FM Radio Station emerged number one regional radio station in Malawi. With its programming, robust leadership and management as well as a skilled workforce, Tuntufye FM Radio is fast developing as a partners’ choice in terms of spreading messages. It has established itself as the “Gatekeeper of Information in Malawi”, to the extent that it is doubtful that you have reached the people in the Northern Region, if you have not used sent the message through Tuntufye FM Radio. 


Tuntufye FM Radio broadcasts from its main studios in Karonga. With support from Propaganda Fide through SIGNIS, the radio has established a sub-studio in Chitipa with the aim of increasing production of local content in Lambia and Ndali, which are languages popularly spoken in Chitipa. The radio also has a reporter in Lilongwe and reporters in all the parishes of the Diocese of Karonga.


The radio covers the most parts of the Northern Region through the following four frequencies: Karonga 91.8 MHz, Chitipa 98.4 MHz, Livingstonia 103.0 MHz and Mzuzu and surrounding areas 98.7 MHz. This makes Tuntufye FM a community radio station with the widest coverage in Malawi. The radio also streams live online through Radio box and Zeno media applications. It can be accessed online through the following link: https://zeno.fm/radio/tuntufyefmradio/.  


According to audience research conducted in 2018 and repeated in 2020, Tuntufye FM enjoys 69% listenership in the area under its coverage. The remainder is shared by other community radio stations national broadcasters. Thus the radio reaches about 1,650,000 in the Northern Region as a whole. The total population which has access to Tuntufye FM Radio is around 250,000 people of all ages and gender. The radio appeals to all people regardless of class, sex, race, religion, political affiliation. It is a background radio for many people and is widely listened to using radios and mobile phones. 


Tuntufye FM Radio is a value based Christian Radio Station but aims at addressing the needs of a human person as a whole. The radio is a pastoral tool supporting the evangelization mission of the Church as a whole and Karonga Diocese in particular. The radio works with the Pastoral Commission of the Diocese of Karonga to spread Good news through broadcasting liturgy, spiritual music, catechesis, and Bible.  

On the socio-economic development front, the radio promotes good governance, human rights, sustainable livelihoods, education and health. The radio has dedicated programmes for spreading messages on peace, health education, women’s rights, women empowerment, HIV/AIDS, career development, just to mention a few. One of the main tools the radio and other partners use to spread messages is Tuntufye FM Sports Update.   


The Radio is open to partnerships with different organisations and companies who wish to sponsor programmes on the radio as well as air Adverts. The radio is trusted by national and international partners because of higher return on investment, value for money as our rates are the lowest in the land, seriousness in meeting the terms of agreement with partners.


Tuntufye FM Radio is a value based radio station and it always strives for excellence. This has turned Tuntufye FM into a household name in the area of its coverage. It is strategically positioned in the Northern Region and as such it acts as a gatekeeper or information super highway into the Northern Region. It is impactful with highest audience response rate. The radio has a well-qualified and dedicated management team which ensures that all assignments are carried out diligently and perfectly. The radio also has qualified journalists, all of whom hold a minimum of Diploma in Journalism. It has also qualified and well experienced producers and presenters of media content of any kind (e.g. radio programmes, jingles and drama). The radio has power back up system, which means that the radio is available at all times. 

Tuntufye Fm Radio

Tuntufye Fm Radio

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