Morning Prayer

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Monday 5:50 am 6:00 am
Tuesday 5:50 am 6:00 am
Wednesday 5:50 am 6:00 am
Thursday 5:50 am 6:00 am
Friday 5:50 am 6:00 am
Saturday 5:50 am 6:00 am
Sunday 5:50 am 6:00 am

Morning Prayer

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Norbert Tambalamtuwa Mzembe is a Malawian national born in the northern region district of Rumphi and a Tumbuka by tribe. He is a 33 years energetic and dedicated young man with passion to excel in any task he is challenged with. He is a trained journalist with a University of Malawi Diploma in Journalism from […]

Thomas Chauzuka Nyondo is probably the most senior member of Tuntufye Family. He is a teacher by profession with over 40 years’ experience. He is very passionate about preserving culture to which social norms and traditional dances are major components. He presents Tiye Kwithu (Let’s Visit My Home) programme, which is presents traditional dances and […]

She was born in Rumphi District in 1993. She has six year experience as a radio presenter and producer having joined the industry in 2013 as a trainee at Tigabane Catholic Radio Station in Mzuzu Diocese. After her one year training, she worked as a producer and presenter at Radio Tigabane. In 2015, she joined […]

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