Written by on July 2, 2022

After looking at several challenges people of Lupembe in karonga face especially the expecting women due to the lack of an ambulance shadow MP for Lupembe thought it wise to donate an ambulance worth 4.7 million Kwcha to reduce the problems the hospital faces.

In an interview with the shadow MP Wilson Mavwanya Sichali, most pregnant women were facing a lot of challenges, therefore it was important to help them with an ambulance to reduce such hiccups.

“Most expecting women as well as children suffer because of lack of transport when they are refered to the district hospital, so I hope with this ambulance these cases will slow down and I expect everyone to be helped by this ambulance.”Sichali said.

In a separate interview with the Administrator for the Karonga District Hospital Clement Gonthi every hospital that has martenity ward has to have an ambulance but Lupembe did not have one so this will help reduce the martenal problems.

“According to the health standards of every hospital that has martenity ward there has to be an ambulance in this case Lupembe did not have one so we have to thank the shadow MP for the great thought of helping the Lupembe hospital.” Gonthi said.

Seeming to agree is the Group Village Head Kamtenthenga from T/A Wasambo who thanked the good deed by the shadow MP Wilson Mavwanya Sichali by donating this ambulance which will help save lives in the area.

“What Wilson Sichali has done is a very good deed because a lot of people’s lives will be saved especially the expecting women plus children may the almighty bless him.”Kamtenthenga said.

Meanwhile the health facilitator for Lupembe hospital Florence Mngwizi said though no pregnant woman has ever died due to the challenges they were facing, but the ambulance will still be of great help when referring patients to the district hospital.

This is not the first time for the shadow MP Wilson Mavyanya Sichali, as he also donated an ambulance and other medical aids at Mlare Health Centre early months of 2022.

By Trifornia Mtawali

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