Plans to Roll Out CSEPWP at Advanced Stage

Written by on September 2, 2022

Some of the training participants

Some of the training participants

By Fostina and Zenak

Government has registered about 435,000 households in the Climate Smart Enhanced Public Works Program (CSEPWP) which aims to reduce risks associated with climate change and other disasters through land conservation, afforestation, natural regeneration and sustainable livelihoods.

The project’s implementation which is expected to commence in October, also targets improved income, food security, and resilience to shock for less privileged households.

A presentation by an official from National Local Government Finance Committee (NLGFC) Mateso Kazembe, Thursday during a media orientation in Kasungu, indicated positive strides in the project’s preparatory activities.

Kazembe said all 28 district councils in the country have further finalized identification of micro catchment areas in liaison with the communities.

He added that councils have also completed identification of sub projects and that extension workers’ trainings have been conducted.

The program is linked to livelihood interventions to improve income and food security through participants’ capacity building in savings and business management, and production of organic manure to improve soil fertility and yield.

CSEPWP succeeds EPWP which was piloted in ten district councils. The EPWP addressed challenges, which were faced in implementation of Malawi Social Action Fund (Masaf) IV Productive Pubic Works Program, such as ghost workers, mis-procurement and unjustified pay against work done, among others.

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