Written by on October 18, 2022

By Wezzie Mwangonde

BishopMartin Anwel Mtumbuka of the Catholic Diocese of Karonga on Monday conducted his first meeting with the parents of diocesan priests at St Mary’s Parish in the diocese with an aim of informing them about the policies and rules that help in the running of the diocese.

Speaking in an interview, Bishop Mtumbuka said it is important that rules and policies of the diocese are known to people whom they affect therefore as these policies and regulations affect diocesan priests they also affect their parents indirectly.

He added that the meeting was also called to show parents the support and generosity they attain from the lay faithful in the diocese which is contributing to the ministry of the priests.

“We called them, first of all to thank them for sharing their faith with us and for the role they are playing in encouraging and praying for us, we also called them to share with them the policies and regulations governing this diocese that they understand them fully which equally affect both priests and parents” Explained Bishop Mtumbuka.

Expressing his gratitude parents’ representative, Fred Samson Mwenegamba expressed highlighted that no parent anticipated that Bishop Mtumbuka can organize a meeting like this for them.

Mwenegamba said the meeting is also an eye opener to the parents because they have known the major policies that are used by the diocese and how these policies operate such as Medical, pension schemes, General welfare of priests and transportation among others .

‘In my life it is not something which I was expecting and I hope it will help our children to realize the importance of their vocation’, said Mwenegamba

The Diocesan Chairperson of the Laity Council, John Island Mtambo has pledged that they will continue providing supporting to the priests because they are already aware about their basic needs which are food, water and electricity.

The diocese of Karonga has about 33 priests , among them 19 are diocesan priests. At the end of this meeting parents also toured some of the designated places in the diocese including Tuntufye FM Radio station studios, Lusubiro Community Care, St Joseph the Worker Cathedral, Bwiba Bishop’s residence Curia offices, Bambo Zutu Bishop’s residence, New Curia offices, St Marys Karonga Girls Secondary School and Songwe boarder.

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