Written by on May 6, 2022

As fights to defeat climate change through Afforestation and Re-forestation are underway globally, Karonga District Forestry Office has praised churches and NGOs in the district for taking part in numerous tree planting exercises which have led to planting of nearly 1.7 million trees beyond 1.5 million trees targeted to be planted this year.

In an interview after a tree planting exercise at Mwenilondo in the area of Traditional Authority Kyungu organized by Evangelical Association of Malawi –EAM, Karonga deputy District Forestry Officer Kamunkhwala Kingston Tembo, it is so challenging in the district that many areas are getting in troubles of floods because of wanton cutting down of trees.

“The coming of EAM it’s a plus to our office because we want to have as many trees planted in the district as possible, helping in responding to natural disasters and climate change issues”.

Tembo has however, urged members of the communities to be at the forefront taking care of the planted trees, and stay away from grazing their livestock in such fields.

On the other hand, Project Coordinator of Timazge Nkhaza Project for EAM, Dumisani Nungu, even if they are a religious Organization but they felt prompted to show their responsibility of taking care of the environment, and has pointed out that everything is in the hands of donors to extend the exercise to other areas.

Principal Group Village Head Mwangolera has concurred with Tembo that many graze their livestock in such fields but this time there will be full monitoring of the fields so that issues of floods in her area becomes a history of the past.

EAM has planted five thousand trees in area of Chikutu, Ngisi and Mwenilondo in Karonga with financial support from Danish Church Aid and Norwegian Church Aid.

By Winkly Mwaulambo

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