Written by on June 7, 2022

As the number of men denying their responsibilities over pregnancies seems to be be growing in Karonga and many parts of the country, Foundation for Women and Girls Empowerment-FOWOGE has embarked on a campaign encouraging women to report such cases to their office or police to bring justice to children being deprived of their father’s care and love.

According to the Executive Director for the organization Christabel Munthali such cases still occur because women entertain such acts instead of reporting them to the police station so that the law serves its purpose.

“It is so unfair to see what children and women are going through without the support of men responsible as children yearn for their father’s love and it is so difficult for women alone to take of their families and it is so sad that these women entertain such cases.” Munthali said.

Meanwhile Munthali further urged all women to be reporting if such heinous crimes occur because it is not fair for a man to impregnate a woman and reject the pregnancy.

The campaign has so far managed to help three women, and one man has been ordered by the court to be paying 50 thousand Kwacha monthly to his his child, and provide other financial assistance to him.
By Trifornia Mtawali.

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