Written by on May 6, 2022

After looking at how natural resources are being depleted through charcoal burning across fourteen districts in southern and central regions in the country, United Purpose in partnership with local government and communities are striving to provide alternatives in trying to conserve forest in the northern region.

In an interview with the Mzimba United Purpose Project Marketing Officer Owen Banda natural resources in the southern and central region have been destroyed through charcoal burning as an organization they have come up with other means to eradicate the act of depleting natural resources by using Chitetezo Mbaula.

“After having a thorough research we came up with a project proposal which aims at protecting the forestry products in Mzimba because we do not want communities in the north to experience the challenges of deforestation as being experienced in the southern and central regions”. Banda said.

Banda further showed his gratitude as they have full support from M’mbelwa District Council and every ADC at T/A level this is making the project to be progressive but the only challenge is poor road networks in some areas due to the heavy rains hence it is hard for the vehicles to reach and deriver these Mbaula in such areas.

“So far we have managed to train 82 promoters from seven T/A’s under Mzimba South who will help promoting Chitetezo Mbaula, but all in all we are working tirelessly to deriver and ensure that our objective is accomplished.” Banda said.

In a separate interview with T/A Kampingo Sibande the Organization has our full support as their project is aiming at conserving nature since people have been carelessly cutting down trees just for charcoal burning and this has been a song for a long time

“We have received this project with both hands because it will help to reduce deforestation in the country since nature has been misused in the previous years as such this organization should continue distributing these stoves also known as Chitetezo Mbaula.” Sibande said.

Several initiatives are being put in place in Malawi and beyond by governments and other stakeholders is as far as saving natural resources from depletion is concerned.

By Trifornia Mtawali.

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