Bishop Mtumbuka Launches COVID-19 Relief Distribution

Written by on August 24, 2020

By Richard Mwafulirwa

On Wednesday, Bishop Martin Anwel Mtumbuka of the Diocese of Karonga responded to the hunger situation of the people around the Bishop’s House at Mwenelondo by distributing relief food assistance and hand washing facilities for COVID-19 prevention.

Bishop Martin Mtumbuka distributing relief items

Bishop Martin Mtumbuka distributing relief items

Speaking during the launch of relief distribution, which took place at Mwenelondo in the area of GVH Melele in Karonga District, where about 35 households received food items and hand washing buckets, the Bishop said he decided to share with them the items to alleviate the challenges they community members are facing.

“As I stay in the same village with you, I see that most of you are poor. I wish you well in these hard times of COVID-19 pandemic,” said the Bishop.

The Bishop further condemned the act of burning houses and killing people just because of being accused witchcrafts. He said he will continue to condemn such acts as it is done to people who are poor and less privileged.

“What has happened to GVH Mwandwanga is very discouraging. But we will continue to condemn such acts because the one to suffer is the less privileged and it is counterproductive,” said Bishop Mtumbuka.

Acknowledging the donation, GVH Melele expressed his happiness as the donation will help his people. He has pledged to see to it that facilities for COVID-19 prevention are used accordingly.

“I am very happy and thankfully to the Diocese and the Bishop of Karonga Diocese as the donation will help my people as they struggle to source for themselves,” GVH Melele.

During the ceremony, the Bishop launched the relief distribution exercise. The donated items are part of COVID-19 response initiative which is being facilitated by the Development Desk of the Diocese of Karonga. The relief items have been donated by the Episcopal Conference of Malawi.

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