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Natural disasters are usually a wakeup call to humanity that all should be armed with preparedness and it only takes one big natural disaster to wipe away all that reminds people that we are still at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Following mass destruction of several properties due to dangerous natural disasters like heavy winds and heinous mob justice that occurred in Karonga, Bishop Martin Anwel Mtumbuka of Diocese of Karonga has through its various developmental departments provided financial support to 627 people in areas of Traditional Authorities of Kilupula, Wasambo and Kyungu.

Taking control of the game for these destructions some of the departments that thought it was helpful and wise bringing back peaceful smiles to people left destitute of the challenges aforementioned are Catholic Relief Services-CRS and Catholic Development Commission in Malawi-CADECOM.

According to the Caritas secretary of the Karonga Diocese Mwayi Shaba these incidents occurred unexpectedly, but Karonga Diocese with the help of Diocese of Ruternberg in Germany managed to help several people of different T/As who were victims of the natural disasters.

“We have managed to help several people with relief items like, food, cement, and also built 27 houses as well as provide money to those who lost their homes and it is so pleasing that our programs were very successful, and now it is a harvesting season we are hoping that they can be able to come back from the heart breaking incidents and take it from where we stopped.” Shaba said.

Some properties were destroyed due to allegations of witchcraft perpetuated by angry mobs taking the law in their hands by burning houses, because of this heinous act people left their homes and run to the exile for their safety.

George Kumwenda is one of the beneficiaries of the diocese’s help due to the destruction of property by angry mobs that happened on 1 January 2017 in the area of Group Village Headman Chakwera T/A Kilupula for the accusation of his father killing his brother as such his house was stoned and damaged.

“My family faced several challenges as we had no place to stay because our house was destroyed by the mob and my father died in the process because they said my father killed his brother our living was not pleasant but we have to thank the Bishop for good deed and we no longer live in fear.” Kumwenda said.

In addition kumwenda showed his gratitude and thanked the diocese for other items like maize, cooking oil and blankets apart from houses.
Meanwhile Chief Yohane Kauluka Chiyauli under GVH Chakwera confirmed the suffering that these people faced in 2017 because they were people who lacked so many things including shelter and education but thanked the Diocese through Bishop Mtumbuka as now now his subjects live in peace.

“These people were suffering a lot as they had no place to stay and no food either but the Bishop came to help these people and now we live in peace as a family because when we live in peace there will be a good development in our area.” Chiyauli said.

Chiyauli further advised all those who have received several relief items to take care of the items.
In addition Kilupula ADC Chairperson George Mwafulirwa in the area of GVH Chakwera agreed with Chief Yohane Chiyauli as he also thanked God through Bishop Mtumbuka saying because of his help their peace is reigning again in the area.

“Indeed these people suffered a lot as they never lived in peace all hopes were lost since they were forced out of their homes and they had no shelter but all thanks to the diocese through Bishop Martin Mtumbuka for the teachings and the help that he has offered in several areas, because of this help all those who were forced out of their homes they are back from exile.” Mwafulirwa said.

Mwafulirwa further pleaded with all those who received support to not take this help for granted but use them wisely and honestly because it is not easy to find such support in these rough times.

In January 2022 another disastrous wind took place in the district which destroyed homes, forcing residents to flee from their homes.

Annie Chiumia aged 62 from Village Head Mwayaliro under Group Village Head Gwereweta is a victim of this heavy wind which destroyed her house but thanked the diocese for the intervention as she has replaced all the damaged properties with the money she received from the diocese.

“The wind destroyed several houses in our area as it carried away iron sheets it was so heavy and destructive I have never seen in my entire life, however, when the diocese came into my aid and helped with money for three months at least I have been able to replace the lost iron sheets.” Chiumia said.

Mushi Fundi is the Chairperson for Area Disaster Committee in the area of T/A Kilupula who said all 316 people who were affected by the heavy wind were attended to and they all received help from the Catholic Relief Services-CRS through the Bishop where everyone received 150 US dollars per month for three months.

“All the victims of the heavy winds received the help from Karonga diocese by giving out phones and money for three months so as they can replace what was damaged hence we should applaud and thank the diocese for the great work.” Fundi said.

Evance Simwaka Chairperson for Village Development Committee who is also a member of Area Civil Protection Committee in the area of Mweniyumba first thanked the CADECOM for coming at the right time helping people who were rendered destitute and homeless due to the impacts of heavy winds.

“We should thank God that these incidents occurred in the afternoon because people were able to run for their lives and we should really thank Karonga diocese for the support they offered even though they delayed but they helped a lot and they should not stop here but continue showing support to others too when such incidents occur.” Simwaka said.

As we move forward these disastrous incidents should be an alert to every one of the uncertainties so that at least we are prepared for the natural disasters and avoid being punctuated with various problems.

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