Teachers, Students Urged to Prepare for Re-opening of Schools

Written by on August 17, 2020

By Wezi Mwangonde


The Education Desk of the Diocese of Karonga has asked teachers and students to prepare well for re-opening of schools following the state president’s speech earlier this month, which hinted on the possibility of re-opening schools, early September.

Mr. Remmie Kamanga, Education Desk Officer

Mr. Remmie Kamanga, Education Desk Officer

The Education Desk Officer made this call on the 17th of August 2020, with concern that students might have forgotten what they learnt as it has been a long holiday.

Speaking in an interview on Monday, Diocesan Education Desk Officer, Remmie Kamanga has said it is exciting that there are plans for re-opening of schools from the government and extends the call to teachers, students and parents to prepare well for they are key players in education.

Kamanga said as parents and some concerned individuals are eagerly waiting for the re-opening of schools, they should also consider measures that have put in place on prevention of Covid-19 when schools open in the country.

“In this regard students, parents and teachers need to prepare well by abiding to the rules and regulations put across in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic”, said Kamanga.

He said he is also looking forward to the government for additional measures to arrest the spread of the virus. The Education Desk is also appealing to students to start preparing their minds in readiness for schools as they have stayed for quite some time at home.

In addition, the Education Desk has commended teachers for their efforts in improving results of their students hence they should also prepare for the re-connection on what they were teaching before schools closed.

Schools in the country have remained closed since March this year as one way of containing the covid-19 pandemic.

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