KAYE Reverses Decision; Sides with Councillors

Written by on August 14, 2020

By Michael Simfukwe

Karonga Youth Network (KAYE) has withdrawn its statement calling for arrest of Ward Councilors implicated in the illegal selling of land belonging to Karonga Town Council.

In a sudden twist of phenomena, the group, which earlier last week pushed that the three Ward Councilors who illegally sold the land should return the money they amassed and face the law in court, has reversed its decision by urging that the case against them be dropped.

This comes barely a fortnight after they insisted justice be revealed citing that the councilors have cooperatively returned K2.4 million they got from the land hence the case be dropped.

According to the group’s chairman, Atusaye Sibale, the group held talks with the councilors and it was discovered that the accused committed the crime out of ignorance hence there is no need to sue them.

However, in the interview held earlier on with our radio, the group was determined to seek justice in court by stressing that the accused be taught a lesson as they knew what they were doing to the people of Karonga Town.

In a statement concurring with their chairman, the group’s spokesperson Austin Zangazanga also adds that people should not think that they have reversed their decision because they have been bribed by the councilors, but they should trust them as their decision dwell from strong and valid foundation of humanity.

“It is important that the accused councilors realized the need to return back the money in good faith and we have no grudges against any of them”, Austin Zangazanga further uttered.

Meanwhile the group has expressed their satisfaction to the District Commissioner who is currently working with the secretariat on the subject matter.

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