Written by on May 6, 2022

Department of Disaster and Management Affairs –DODMA has said it is reviewing a bill that aims at not providing relief aid to people reluctant to evacuate from disaster prone areas saying this will bring down numbers affected people when disasters strike.

Speaking on Sunday during distribution of relief materials to people affected by floods in the area of Traditional Authority Mwakaboko in Karonga, Deputy Director for Disaster Response for the Department Fyaupi Mwafongo, many victims of disasters in the country do not abide by precautionary measures that are in place because they always want to be the beneficiaries of relief aids in such times.

“Once this bill has been finally reviewed it will help to cut costs of the government in responding to such emergencies and many people will evacuate from disaster prone areas to safer places hence most Malawians will be safe from disasters”.

He has however called on members of the communities to be listening and paying attention to climate change messages through various platforms so that they have a knowledge on the possibility of experiencing and any kind of disaster.

On her part, Group Village Head Mwandenga, has expressed gratitude to the help rendered to her people saying the items are timely as they are going to serve its intended purposes, and if anyone found abusing such items by selling or in any way they will be brought to book.

“I am going to sit down and warn each and every member of my community and tell them that anyone selling these items will be dealt with and never receive again such items when fallen victim next time”.

Among other items distributed are a 50 Kilogram of maize per household, bathing and laundry soaps, plastic basins, plates and cups.

  • By Winkly Mwaulambo

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