Over the years Tuntufye Radio has grown rapidly to meet the demands of the ever changing world. Some of the notable achievements are:

  • Tuntufye Radio has been named Best Community Radio Station in sports presentation twice (2017 and 2018) by First Merchant Bank.
  • The Radio has maintained consistency in its broadcasting with shutdowns reduced by 98%.
  • The radio has managed to command a large following in the area of coverage due to its adherence to standards of truth, honesty and balance and also consistency in programming.
  • The Radio has been exempted from annual audits by the country’s communications regulatory body (MACRA) due to the station’s professionalism and license condition abiding.
  • With its coverage and quality of signal, the radio has attracted big advertisers like cellphone network providers (TNM and Airtel); national organisations like Story Workshop Education Trust, Farm Radio Trust and Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (ESCOM); and international organisations like UNDP and UNICEF.
  • Tuntufye FM Radio is a community radio which presents programmes in local languages as such there is ownership of the radio by listeners as compared to national radios which present information in generic terms. Besides, the radio has the widest coverage in relation to other community radios in the region.


Although the radio has registered great achievements, it has not treaded on a smooth path. There are a number of challenges that affect the operations of the radio. Some of the notable challenges are:

  • Technical challenges in the area of transmission which is caused by lack of backup equipment
  • Financial constraints which make the radio fail to meet some of its operational costs such as co-siting fees, salaries, utility costs and maintenance
  • Lack of reliable means of transport for field operations


Though young, with just two years of broadcast, Tuntufye FM has talented and experienced producers and presenters who always strive to work to the satisfaction of listeners and stakeholders. Tuntufye FM promotes high professional and ethical standards in its programming and presentation. For the short while it has been on air, Tuntufye FM has overwhelmingly touched the hearts of many and the feedback is encouraging. It is a household name in the area of our jurisdiction.

Tuntufye Fm Radio

Tuntufye Fm Radio

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